Applied Tajweed Course

Applied Tajweed course is the practical phase of the Rules of Tajweed. After you complete the Advance Tajweed Course you are admitted to the next level. Here the teacher helps you apply the learned rules of Tajweed to the text of the Holy Quran and make you read accordingly applying all rules. This practice makes you read fluently with Tajweed and ultimately you become confident and self-sufficient in reading the Holy Quran with Tajweed. In this course, the teacher explains every rule while you read and then help you understand it. Thus in the presence of a teacher, you become able to read confidently.

The major topics covered in applied Tajweed course:

1- Tajweed Definition and Origin,

2- Ruling of Tajweed

3- Rules of Tajweed

4- Waqf

taxi to heathrow5- Introduction to Qiraat

6- Evaluation of Tajweed

7- Sifaat ul Huroof

These are the major areas where the teachers focus and help you read and understand the rules of Tajweed. Once you complete the course you become able to read the Holy Quran by yourself no matter if you have no Arabic background. In-Shaa-Allah. Applied Tajweed course makes you able to have a complete understanding of rules and recitation of the Holy Quran.

Benefits of Applied Tajweed course:  The course makes you able to understand all the rules of Tajweed in Applied way. You become able to detect the mistakes of any reciter. Once after taking this course will be able to teach the Holy Quran as well although it needs to get an Ijazah as well for the best teacher of the Holy Quran. You can be considered as a master in the Quran as well if you do the Holy Quran reading with a teacher applying the rules of Tajweed.

Our Happy Students!

We provide guarantee to all guardian to demonstrate their children fluent in quran reciting online with such unique technique

Online quran classes are conducted day and night frequently by online quran teachers to deliver advantage of internet




Online quran classes are conducted day and night frequently by online quran teachers to deliver advantage of internet

Muhammad Ali



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