He has also led commercial growth of deep tech companies that reached from 0 to 3M annual recurring revenue within 2 years. Cem founded the high tech industry analyst AIMultiple in 2017. AIMultiple informs ~1M businesses including 55% of Fortune 500 every month. Ability to collect data about different supply chain resources such as warehouses, inventories, shipments, and storage places.

Please remember, that it cannot display the integrated chat-bot locally, though. WARNING. The integrated chat-bot DOES NOT show up while testing this web part locally. The chat-bot shows up only when configured on a SharePoint site page itself. Dimitri Schweigerdt has been working as an SAP consultant since 2002.

Sap Conversational Ai Pricing

Current trends show that the time we spend using messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram Messenger, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, etc. will soon surpass face-to-face time. These messaging platforms have become increasingly sophisticated with features that go far beyond simply sending and receiving text messages. Many of them allow the sharing of photos, videos, documents and files, voice notes, location information, sports achievements, health status, etc. They create new conversational interface for your business opportunities for us to interact not only with each other, but also – thanks to chatbots – with machines, IT or ERP systems. According to our chatbot / conversational stats, 31% of executives said that virtual assistants have the largest impact on their business. Additionally, 75-90% of queries is projected to be handled by chatbots by 2022. This data suggests that SAP software will depend on conversational AI heavily across multiple SAP business models in the future.


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