Without delay: factual statements about the fresh limit

A female can get expecting if the a great mans jizz are at that regarding this lady eggs (ova). Contraceptive tries to end so it going on by continuing to keep this new egg and you will jizz aside or from the closing eggs manufacturing. One technique off birth-control ‘s the cover.

New birth prevention limit was a bent dome made of thin, silky silicone. It’s registered into the genitals prior to sex, and you may talks about the brand new cervix in order for cum dont go into the uterus. You should use spermicide with it (spermicide eliminates cum). Spermicide happens given that serum, ointments, foams and you will pessaries.

The latest cap should be remaining in position getting six times after sex. After that timing, you take out the cover and you will clean it. Limits try reusable. Particular names are located in sizes. They have been customized to be able to select the right one to to have yourself.

There are two main kind of cap readily available just now, Femcap and you can Caya. Femcap will come in step three types. The dimensions make use of depends on if or not you’ve been expecting prior to. Caya will come in one to proportions. Femcap and you will Caya are made so you’re able to complement them your self.

Indeed there are not of several large-high quality studies regarding limits. It’s basically considered that whenever used precisely that have spermicide, the newest cap is ninety-five to help you 96% with the capacity of stopping pregnancy. This means that between 4 and you can 8 girls out of every 100 just who have fun with a cap given that contraceptive might be pregnant when you look at the a-year.

During the real world fool around with at least several feamales in one hundred good year conceive because people skip to utilize the new limit or usually do not place it into the safely (88% effective).

You are able to alot more spermicide if the limit has been around location for step three era or even more just before sex, or if perhaps sex is actually regular on the limit positioned.

When you have a child, miscarriage or abortion, you may have to feel fitted with a new sized cover.

The way the cover functions

A limit, such good diaphragm, was a buffer sorts of birth control. It suits within your genitals and you may suppress jizz regarding passageway compliment of the latest access of one’s uterus (the fresh new cervix).

From the 80% of females get a hold of a limit that suits her or him. You can buy a cover at the certain GP means, intimate fitness centers, and several younger people’s attributes.

To be effective inside the blocking pregnancy, the fresh cover should be used with spermicide, which is a substance one kills jizz.

You merely fool around with a cap when you dating service Miami yourself have intercourse. You should let it rest set for no less than 6 era immediately after the past time you may have intercourse. You might leave it set for around 48 hours.

Sticking a contraceptive cap

  1. That have clean give, complete 1 / 3rd of your own cap which have spermicide, but never put any spermicide inside the rim, that will stop the fresh cover staying in place.
  2. Femcap possess a great groove involving the dome and the rim – some spermicide should also be set here.
  3. Squeeze the fresh new corners of your own limit together with her and you may hold on a minute ranging from your thumb and you can first two fingertips.
  4. Fall the fresh limit to your genitals, right up.
  5. The cover have to fit nicely more than your own cervix – they stays in set by sucking.
  6. Particular ladies squat because they set its cap when you look at the, while others lay-down otherwise stay which have one foot up on a chair – utilize the condition that’s easiest for your requirements.
  7. You might insert a limit as much as step three circumstances before you can make love – after this time, you’ll need to take it out and set more spermicide involved.

Should you get a cover, habit using it before you can believe in it for birth control. Thus giving you the possibility to know how to utilize it securely, observe how it seems and find out in case it is right for you. Until you might be confident you happen to be using the cover truthfully, you may want to utilize extra birth-control, such as for example condoms, for those who have gender.

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